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The Amazing Science Behind This All-Natural IBS Remedy

September 04, 2019 IBS Formula

If you’re like the majority of IBS patients, you deal with an endless cycle of doctor visits, prescription drugs, and medical bills due to bouts of cramping, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and gas. Often, you’re left with more questions than answers, with no dependable relief in sight. What if there was an all-natural solution that delivered ingredients proven through clinical trials and studies to relieve IBS? What if it was a non-prescription medicine that was vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, and a fraction of the cost of other IBS treatments? It would change your life, right?   IBSolution blends holistic herbs, and plant-based...

How Super Naturals Health is Changing the Lives of IBS Sufferers

June 13, 2019 IBS Formula

What do you do when you’re suffering day in and day out from a chronic, life-altering condition, one that the medical community can’t treat or cure? If you’re Jeff Burgee, CEO of Super Naturals Health, you develop a treatment yourself—and then share it to help the millions of people struggling with the same ailment. Via his special blend of holistic, natural and plant-based ingredients, Burgee got the relief he couldn’t find from expensive doctor visits, where they suggested tests and even prescription drugs for his Irritable Bowel Syndrome. IBSolution is an all-natural, twice-a-day capsule that for the overwhelming majority of...

How Exercise Can Help Your Gut Health

June 10, 2019 IBS Formula

Here’s yet another important benefit of staying active. If exercise came in pill form we’d all be chomping down handfuls every day, because the list of health benefits that come from staying active is nothing short of incredible. And every time you think you’ve got a handle on what all those benefits are, another one pops up – like better gut health. We had no idea that exercise could improve your gut health, so we were only too delighted to get some expert advice on the topic from Jo Travers, a dietitian working with Love Your Gut Week. Why is...

To the Working Mom with Constant Stomach Problems

June 10, 2019 IBS Formula

I am here to reveal my dirty little secret, and ask you to make a pact with me. We talk a lot about poop at my house. Not only is my toddler potty training, but I have IBS. When my son is looking for me, he heads for the bathroom. He wanders in and sits next to me on a little stepstool. “You makin’ some poop?” Yeah, it’s pretty glamorous. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome at 23, soon after I began a new relationship. If I were a normal person, being head-over-heels would’ve meant my stomach was full...

What Is The Low-FODMAP Diet?

May 12, 2019 IBS Formula

If you have bowel issues – and they’re more common than you might think – it’s the diet you need to know about. It’s fair to say that irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a nightmare. It’s a chronic, unpleasant and often life-long condition, and one that may affect as many as 20% of people in the UK. There’s no single solution to IBS that works for all sufferers, but there are both medicines and lifestyle changes, especially to your diet, that can help treat the symptoms. One such dietary change is the low-FODMAP diet. For more info on it, we...