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How A Digital Detox Can Help You Sleep Better And Be More Productive

July 29, 2019 IBS Formula

Spending time away from your phone brings many benefits. Today’s technology is truly marvellous – you feel like you can access the combined learning from all human history with a few clicks on a pocket-sized device. Or play Candy Crush. Both are remarkable in their own way. However, this technology has its downsides. Constant notifications mean it’s difficult to switch off and this can have a negative effect on your mental health and productivity. After two decades working in the digital industry, Tanya Goodin realised the effect spending so much time online was having on her health. Goodin now advocates...

Sleep Better Tonight With This Expert Advice

June 24, 2019 IBS Formula

A good workout can promote a great night’s sleep as long – as it’s done at the right time. We ask an expert when to get active.   Just as sleep forms an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle can promote better sleep. And exercise can make a big difference when it comes to drifting off. According to Professor Paul Gringras, a sleep medicine clinician, academic and scientific advisor to the makers of Leesa Sleep, “exercise can improve sleep quantity and quality and is one of the best ‘sleep medicines’ around”. But the timing and intensity of...

Three Reasons Why Lack Of Sleep Matters

June 13, 2019 IBS Formula

Our minds and bodies rely on the restorative benefits of sleep. Lack of sleep causes all sorts of problems from obesity, to high blood pressure, to insulin resistance. Yet, sleep remains a low priority to many people—to the point where many brag about their ability to function on few hours of rest. The value of sleep is not to be dismissed. Don't allow life to defeat you. Give yourself permission to pause, permission to sleep, to reboot. I dare you. What do you have to lose? Except for maybe stress, depression, and sadness. Three Reasons Why Lack of Sleep Matters...