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 IBS Formula bottle. Testimonials and reviews from customers getting real relief from their sympoms taking our all natural treatment

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Verified Natural IBS Treatment Formula Customer

I just wanted to let you know how very grateful I am for your kind service and incredible product!  I have been miserable for the last three months, and honestly thought I wasn't going to find any relief from the symptoms.  Since starting your product, my symptoms have almost completely subsided.  I have tried everything...acupuncture, essential oils, digestive enzymes, loads of probiotics.  You name it, I've probably tried it.  I am so thankful for your willingness to ship this overnight.  It's provided such welcome relief!  I have prayed for something to alleviate the "issues"--The Lord was so good to me!  I just wanted you to know that I will be a lifetime customer!!!

Today is day 4 of my IBS Formula treatment. All I can say is I feel like a normal human being again! I can eat a lot more foods that I couldn't and I feel so much better! This stuff is a miracle! It's amazing! I am actually able to enjoy my days now and even a little bit of stress isn't making me sick like it used to! Thank you Thank you Thank you for creating and marketing the formula so that the public can buy it! Cheers and my best!

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Glad I stayed the course   Kimberly Stevens - Reno, NV  11/16/17
Last month, I took a chance on IBS Formula after reading all about it. The first few days were rough and I felt like my IBS symptoms had actually gotten a little worse. I called the company and spoke with a very nice gentleman. I explained that I was off to a rough start and I wanted to know if this was normal. He told me that my situation was rare but encouraged me to stay the course for at least another 2 weeks. I did, and I'm so glad that I did! Each day things got a little better, and then a little better.... I'm now on my second bottle and I haven't felt this good in years.
Amazing Life Saver   Brandi Jenkins - Vancouver, WA  10/18/17
I tried this on a whim after a severe flare up of ibs with c. The drs new areas of my body I didn't want them to know with how many times I went in for constipation. Ive only had this for less than a wk but out of 6 days I have had a bm everyday but one,that's amazing to me because my worst flare up was 13 days without a bm. I love this. No cramping,bloating or severe gas. I'm going on auto shipping. Thank you
Grateful   Nancy DeMorse - Dupont, WA  10/6/17
I just wanted to let you know how grateful and thankful I am for helping me to get my normal life back. I've been so miserable for the past few months, can't leave the house to go to work without going to the bathroom for maybe 4 times but not anymore. Many thanks again and God bless you.
I have been taking this for 2 to 3 months   Gina Turchi - Philadelphia, PA  9/29/17
I have been taking this for about 2 to 3 months, I tried it on a whim, thank you, thank you, thank you……This all natural capsule really works, I noticed in the beginning just taken one or two, a difference, well I’m going back for the auto delivery, it is well worth it. Anyone on the fence with this product I encourage you to try……..Thanks.
Awesome! Awesome and totally awesome!   Wendy H - Felicity, OH   6/5/17
I have had IBS for 10+ years. The pain was unbearable at times. I tried everything on the market. I was unable to find relief until now. I have taken it for 3 days and WOW...do I feel better. Looking forward to the continued relief and will be signing up for the autoShip program. Thank you IBS formula for making a product that works and the bonus is IT IS ALL NATURAL!
No more blow outs!   Marie Schached - Walnut Creek, CA   6/1/17
I have had IBS for too many years do remember. Finally I received this product in the mail and tried. Miracle! It is working for me. Have been taking it now for several weeks and no blow outs. Still need to stay home some mornings but nothing like it was before. I am going to keep taking it. I know enough about the ingredients it contains to know they are good for me. So far so good. Thanks.
3 days later   Jacqueline - Tampa, FL   5/11/17
I have been taking this for three days. The first thing I've noticed is that my belly has definitely flattened and I'm actually regular for a change. I have more energy and feel lighter on my feet. Thank you so much.
Just took first capsule   Yvonne Harris - Pointblank, TX   4/25/17
I just took my first capsule with high hopes for relief. After Dr visit she put me on probiotics, meds to coat my digestive tract and ordeted a stool sample. Probiotics seemed to help for a couple days and then today diarrhea is back. I am hoping for some relief with this product.
 Changed my life   Kitra Carroll - West Jordan, UT   3/22/17
This product has seriously changed my life!! I have dealt with painful ibs for years upon years now. After two colonoscopies and medications and diet changes, nothing helped. Then I found ibs formula and thought I would give something natural a try. Within a couple of days my pain was gone! And everyday since starting just keeps getting better and better! I will keep getting product!!
Thank GOD   James Savastano - Stuart, FL   1/31/17
I have been dealing with this misery for about 7 Months. Gone to Doctors for HELP. Saw your add and OH MY GOD IT WORKS. Thank you so much.
IBS Formula    Jeanette Voisin - Charenton LA    1/27/17
I had diarrhea for many years and it was getting worse and it was getting to the point where it was causing problems in my life. I went to the Doctor and he prescribed some pills for $300.00 which didn't take care of the cramps or anything else. After trying anything I could get my hands on or just plain suffering I found this product and thank the good lord it works. People it worked within 2 days not 2 months. I have never had a product work so fast. diarrhea gone. I actually feel like a new person Thank you so much I can go places now and not have to constantly look for the bathroom just in case I needed it real fast.
Praise God    Andie Bach - Masury OH    12/16/16
Thank you soooooooooo much for this. had ibs for years and could never find anything to work. i would be in the bathroom in the morning 6 times. weak all day. i got all natural and within a week and a half i was normal. this is the best i felt in years !!!!!!! thank you again this is a must have
Two Years of Suffering Gone    Sharri Chappell - Nashville TN    11/07/16
I have had terrible stomach/digestive issues for over two years. I tried everything on the market, and had decided that I needed professional help. Just shy of calling my doctor, I read information about this product and decided to try ONE MORE THING. Honestly, within 2 days of taking this supplement my issues lessened - and, have now ( 2 weeks later), completely resolved. I am thrilled, and will be ordering more as soon as I need to.
Amazing product for IBS-it works    Rhea - Las Vegas NV    11/07/16
I was very skeptical but at a loss after having gone to doctors and being told that there is nothing I could do for my IBS. I was constipated on a daily basis, gaseous, cramping, depressed due to feeling miserable and I was so bloated that I looked like I was pregnant. I tried all of the at home remedies, as well as Allign probiotics and had no relief. After doing a Internet search, I found this product and read every review and thought it would be worth a try...I had nothing to lose. After two pills (one daily dose) I woke up to a normal non-bloated stomach (something that I have not seen in over a year) and I was relieved of all my symptoms. I am now ordering my second bottle.
Almost instantly felt better    Taylor H - Charlotte NC    09/29/16
You're right, the magic must be in the blend. I've tried some of your supplement ingredients alone by themselves and didn't see results. But in the 3 weeks I've been taking IBS Formula, I haven't had one single IBS incident. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Plan and simple - It works!    Carol D - Jackson MS    09/03/16
I was skeptical because nothing has worked for me so far. So glad I spent the $25!!! Buying my 2nd bottle now.
So much better than prescription    Mark W - Boise ID    06/14/16
I've had painful and embarrassing IBS for around 3 years now. Last year during the Super Bowl I saw an ad for xifaxan and was curious and optimistic, so I had my doctor write me a prescription. In a nut shell, it didn't help, in fact I think it may have made things worse. Around 2 months ago I read a review of IBS Formula online and again curious and optimistic, I gave IT a try. I'm happy to report that my symptoms have completely disappeared. I just came back to buy my 3rd bottle and figured I'd share. Thanks IBS Formula!!!
Life Changing!    Jordyn - Los Angeles CA    06/05/16
I have been suffering for about a year now with ibs-d. Months of doctors’ appointments, countless days in bed and hours in the bathroom. I've always been able to eat whatever I want with no issues or allergies my entire life until 8 months ago. 8 months ago I was diagnosed lactose intolerant. After changing my diet and eliminating all dairy, I continued to get horrible stomach pains and 3 day episodes which caused me to miss work many times. I was then diagnosed with Ibs-d. I had no idea that ibs could be so debilitating. My doctor put me on a medication right away without discussing any other options, and naturally I went straight home and looked up the side effects. The side effects were everything I was already having!! Frustrated I knew I needed to find a better solution. Luckily I found IBS Formula! I have been off my medication and on this formula for a month. An entire month of no issues, no stomach pains, no missed days of work. It has been a huge game changer for me and I will continue to buy!!! Not worrying whether or not I'll be sick tomorrow is the most amazing feeling :)
Best Relief Ever!    Ricki S - San Diego CA    06/02/16
I'm sure if you're reading this, you have been suffering with some kind of stomach ailment as I have. I've had constant bouts of diarrhea for over two years. I tried everything from medical advice and natural remedies to over the counter drugs without success. It was embarrassingly inconvenient, to say the least! Even my friends noticed my urgent need to use the facilities all the time. Needless to say, I was at my wits end! Endlessly searching for new ideas, I came across IBS Formula. The price was reasonable, the ingredients natural and harmless so I thought I'd give it a try. I am more than happy to report that I now feel almost normal and I am comfortable scheduling business and social engagements without fear. Thank you IBS Formula!
Total Life Saver!    Michelle S - New York, NY    04/21/16
IBS Formula totally changed my life! I no longer live with constant discomfort and fear of how my body will react to anything I eat. My stomach is far less sensitive and not bloated for the first time in years. If you constantly worry about your IBS like I did, this treatment is a must buy!
Wow! Just Wow!    Christina T - Miami, FL    04/06/16
I've suffered with alternating IBS symptoms for years. Been doing the low FODMAP thing with very limited results. Since taking your product for 3 weeks, I've been completely regular and I've even tested with some delicious Pizza Hut and ice cream, and had no symptoms! If this continues, put me down as Customer For Life. 
Best month of my life!    Andrea L - Columbus, OH    03/14/16
 ...As far as digestion goes...Just ordered my second bottle. Thanks IBS Formula!
Astounding Product!    Steve E - Virginia Beach, VA    02/28/16
 Wow. Only 3 weeks into using this and I haven't had diarrhea once. That's probably the longest I've ever gone!!! I'm a believer in this treatment. 
Is this for real?    Michael S - St Louis, MO    02/15/16
Yesterday I "treated" myself to a chili dog. I rushed home and waited for the imminent bathroom disaster which always follows. But there was no incident, or gas or anything! In fact I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom like a normal human, just like I have everyday since I've been taking IBS Formula. Thank you!!!!!!!!

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